Absolutely Stunning 3D Painting Museum at Chennai

OMG! You Can’t Believe on your Eyes is this a 3d Painting or Real me

The Click Art Museum is located at Snow Kingdom, VGP complex, East Coast Road, Chennai. Call for timings.

The art form is technically known as Tompe-l’oeil in French, and means to ‘deceive the eye.’ But let’s just call it 3D Painting trick art – the kind that has two dimensions but tricks you into believing there is a third. The talented powerhouse behind this amazing effort is artist AP Shreethar.


All Painting have been painted on wall, the viewer have to be a part of the painting to complete its totality viewing. It is interactive art.

Credit: The Better India

List Of Indian Dance Forms You Should Know About With Images

Source : TheBetterIndia.com

  • Andhra Natyam (art dance of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, South India)


  • Bagurumba (folk dance of Assam, North India)
  • Bhangra (Folk Dance of Punjab, North India)
  • Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance, Tamil Nadu, south india)
  • Bihu dance (Folk dance of Assam, East India)
  • Bathukamma (Folk dance of Telangana, South India)
  • [Bollywood]


  • Chhau(Odisha, West Bengal, East India)


  • Dandiya (Folk dance of Gujarat, West India)
  • Dhemsa (Tribal dance of Koraput, Odisha)
  • Dollu Kunitha (Folk Dance Of Karnataka, India)



  • Garba (Folk dance of Gujarat, West India)
  • Giddha (folk dance of Punjab North India)
  • Lavani (folk dance of Maharashtra North India)
  • Ghoomar (folk dance of Rajasthan West India)
  • Gaudiya Nritya (Classical dance of West Bengal)


  • Kathak (Classical Indian Dance)
  • Kathakali (Kerala, India, Incorporates dance)
  • Kerala Natanam (Indian Dance created by Guru Gopinath)
  • Krishnanattam
  • Kuchipudi (Classical Indian Dance, Andhra Pradesh)
  • Kolattam (folk Tamil Nadu)
  • Karakattam (folk Tamil Nadu)
  • Thirayattam (Folk Dance, Kerala)
  • Kanyarkali (Folk Dance,Kerala


  • Mohiniattam (classical dance from Kerala)
  • Manipuri (Indian classical dance from Manipur)


  • Nautanki (dance form of Uttar Pradesh)


  • Odissi aka Orissi (Odisha, East India) (Indian classical dance from Odisha)
  • oyilattam aka oyilattam (Madurai, Tamil Nadu)


  • Panthi (folk dance of Chhattisgarh, India)
  • Puliyattam (folk dance of Tamil Nadu, India)
  • పేరిణి శివ తా౦డవ౦ [Perini shiva thandavam] (dance form of Telangana)


  • Raut Nacha (Folk dance of Chhattisgarh, India)
  • Raas Leela (Indian Classical Dance)



  • Sambalpuri (dance from Odisha)
  • Semi Classical Indian Dance
  • Sattriya


  • Vilasini Natyam (art dance of Andhra Pradesh, South India)


  • Yakshagana (Karnataka