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Why to Visit Chor Bazaar. Should You Buy Product from There?

  1. Its the biggest second hand Electronic Market in Mumbai.
  2. Most of product are rejected by companies
  3. Damage products are available
  4. Bike parts can be purchase at best rate
  5. Common stuffs (OG copy) like wallet, belts, shoes, watches, Speaker,Headphones are costlier. (Not to Buy)
  6. Cloth are also second hand and used. Rejected
  7. Electronics can be buyed after check
  8. Computer, Laptop, Monitor, Music System Can be buyed at Good Price
  9. Mobile Phones are Second hand and copy (Not Returnable). Advice don’t buy from there.
  10. Antics can be buy at good cost
  11. Advice Verify and Buy
  12. It’s a common market, Just a name is chor Bazaar. Don’t fear while visiting Chor Bazaar.
  13. A big Lie People cut pocket or Thieves. It’s not Like it shows in Films.


I Shot Some Chor Bazaar Video Do check it for Fun.

Chor Bazaar Address : Chor Bazaar, Mutton St, Ajmer, Kumbharwada, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003.

Maps Location for Chor Bazaar : From Grant Road Railway Station to Chor Bazaar

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