Homemade Electric Car – How to make the simplest electric car at Home



The Electric Motor Car Design and Making : This a just a try for kids to make their own electric car at home from some piece of waste available. The Experimented Car is 100% working and runs at a great speed. Good quality Home Made toy for outdoor use. So Start Building Now your Own – Homemade electric car 

Requirement For Home made Electric Car

  1.  Motor
  2. Wire
  3. Battery
  4. Wooden Stick
  5. Straw
  6. 3 Bottle Caps
  7. Hot Glue Gun

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How to make usb light for laptop


Learn Build usb light for laptop at Home it’s a very easy process. You can Use This light on Usb Changer also. Its like a lamp with usb port. Continue reading on How to make USB light for laptop 

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Home Made USB Light / Lamp [led usb light]
1. One Led Light
2. Usb
3. Hot Glue
4. Soldering Machine

Images is Been Provided for better Understanding

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How To Make Fire/Electricity With A LEMON | Produce 5 Vol Electricity From Lemon/zinc Nails/Copper Clips | Charge Mobile Phones



Required Element for Making Electricity with a Lemon. The Reaction with zinc and Copper build electricity around 5 volts. It’s also able to charge mobile phone from this experiment. Image is Displayed for better understanding. Do Comment Bellow on Query Electricity with a Lemon :

  1. 6 zinc Nails
  2. 6 Copper Nails
  3. Piece of Wire
  4. Steel Wool
  5. Can Also Use Copper Coins and zinc Coins



How to make outdoor Digital HDTV antenna at home – (work guaranteed )



Build Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Build your own Digital TV Antenna at Home. Lower down your cost to purchase a new antenna. The Given Experiment is 100% working and is been used on my 42 inch Led TV. The Antenna is Connected to my Airtel Set top Box. Image is Provided for best illustration. The digital Tv Antenna Costs around $61 (Rs 4000 around ) and this experiment will save lot of your money man!. Keep Smiling 😀

Note-: Antenna direction should be 45 degree from base and in north east direction
Material Required-:
Copper Wire , Steel Sheet, Small Aluminum Container, Rubber Block

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How To Make a Simple Homopolar Motor



Make a Simple Homopolar Motor With Ease?

This is very simple trick to make HomoPolar Motor. It’s so simple just required only 3 thing for building it. Hope Your will Llike such short Invention. Just Follow The Images and Look what it has been made. Just Try to Copy and make.

To make Homopolar Motor you’ll need
1. Wire
2. A battery and
3. Neodymium magnets

What is Homopolar Motor?