नया नोट मिलते ही 2000 रु. के 2 टुकड़े कर डाले, जानें क्‍यों किया ऐसा?

Writing on 2000 Currency Note

देश में आज सरकार के द्वारा विमुद्रीकरण के कारण बड़ा मौद्रिक संकट है और सर फिरे कुछ ऐसा अंजाम दे रहे है __ अपनी संकीर्ण मानसिकता का परिचय दे रहे है __ ये पागलपन नहीं तो और क्या है ? Tearning New Rs 2000 Currency Note गोरखपुर में वाट्सएप पर एक लोकल ग्रुप बनाया गया […]

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Procedure to Exchange Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Note with Rs 2000 Issued from bank

Procedure to exchange 500 and 1000 note with 2000 notes

Today’s decision was not sudden… It merely started with bank account for all. Then linked bank accounts with aadhar… Then brought disclosure of bank account passport and aadhar no. in income tax return… Add to it the various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the income tax department… Then the income disclosure […]

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How To Make Fire/Electricity With A LEMON | Produce 5 Vol Electricity From Lemon/zinc Nails/Copper Clips | Charge Mobile Phones

How To Make Fire With A LEMON.

  Required Element for Making Electricity with a Lemon. The Reaction with zinc and Copper build electricity around 5 volts. It’s also able to charge mobile phone from this experiment. Image is Displayed for better understanding. Do Comment Bellow on Query Electricity with a Lemon : 6 zinc Nails 6 Copper Nails Piece of Wire Steel Wool Can […]

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