Indian Avengers – Best Film Ever in Bollywood Industries

Indian Avengers with Hollywood Style

This Is Going to be the Best Bollywood film ever in India Cinema. The Indian Avengers in Bollywood Style. Eagerly Waiting for the day to release the movie on Indian Platform. The Avengers Full Movie in Hindi Wow!.

Must See Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Hrithik, Priyanka Chopra and Lot more Indian Hero’s and Heroine’s Sharing the Equal Screen with Indian Avengers Look.


The Last Avengers is in Debut Role. and it suits on him. Guess Who?? Must See


Absolutely Stunning 3D Painting Museum at Chennai

OMG! You Can’t Believe on your Eyes is this a 3d Painting or Real me

The Click Art Museum is located at Snow Kingdom, VGP complex, East Coast Road, Chennai. Call for timings.

The art form is technically known as Tompe-l’oeil in French, and means to ‘deceive the eye.’ But let’s just call it 3D Painting trick art – the kind that has two dimensions but tricks you into believing there is a third. The talented powerhouse behind this amazing effort is artist AP Shreethar.


All Painting have been painted on wall, the viewer have to be a part of the painting to complete its totality viewing. It is interactive art.

Credit: The Better India